Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A new start, maybe?

Warning: it's a tl;dr post

A new start is not something easy, it takes time, strength and devotion (and others as well, I'm sure). And I for one, lack 2 out of these 3. Now I'm not only referring to this blog, but to many other things as well. These things can be almost anything, searching for a new job, a different starting point in your life after a bad outcome and so on.

I am really not good at starting over since I get all excited in the beginning and after a short while I lose interest in almost everything. I am that type of person, yes. I don't like getting out of my comfort zone too often, I am a creature of habit, yes. Someone once told me that the key point in a new start is not giving up when things get tough, but it can be applied to several other things as well. This is true by all means, that I do not doubt, but I don't give up, I either hide or run away. Why? Because I often come hand in hand with stress and this one of those things that I just can't handle that well. If I'm stressed when doing a certain thing, I lose all my concentration and things take a completely different turn. This being the main reason why I regret a few things that happened in the past. Stress is also why I don't like it when people give me certain directions. I have my own pace so don't bother telling me to work at your pace. It's quite unlikely for me to do so.

Recently I've been trying to start anew, but I encounter lots and lots of bumps on the road and I'm really close to running away. Actually, I already ran away from it. It's pretty bad, I aware of that. But as bad as it might sound, I don't stray too far away, mostly because there are a few people in my life that keep me from drowning. And there's always music and food if anything else fails. Oh, and coffee as well (I'm still an addict, yes).

And now for the random song of the day at the end of the post


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