Friday, March 14, 2014

Nothing interesting

And it's been more than a week since my last post. I'm bad at this thing, but I don't wanna give it up. 

I basically did nothing interesting this past week, partially because my soul has left my body. I'm joking . . . not really. I had some mood swings and got all lazy during the entire week. I did get out of the house a few times, but only out of necessity. I'm not a very active person, I know. I'd rather stay inside, where it's nice and cozy, instead of going out, where it's loud and full of people. Introvert alert! Or just a weird person. 
That's why sometimes instead of going out, I like to stay in and try outfits while I take some photos in the mirror. Crazy, aren't I? But it's my way to waste time, especially if I have too much time on my hands. 

I decided to try my roommate's dress on. But since I rarely, almost never wear dresses, I don't really know how to . . . wear it. By this I mean my posture. The other one is just a shirt with some shorts underneath, for protection (?).
On another note, my coffee addiction is most definitely not my only addiction. I also like to collect coffee mugs. It's a big plus if they're purple and/or have different coffee types written on them.

See what I mean? But this is not my entire collection, about 3 of them are at my parents' place. If my mom finds out I bought another one, she'll definitely not like it. But I can't resist their prettiness. And it's not like I actually need them, more like I love having them and drinking coffee from them. I am weird child. 

Since there's nothing more I'd like to add, see you next time (?)


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bowling again

As the weekend just passed and the next one is closing in, I figured it was time to write the weekly post (blog entry?). Even if no one is interested in what I have to say, writing helps me clear my mind. 

We went bowling last weekend, again. But with a twist. Our plan was to go bowling on Saturday, but eventually we went bowling on Sunday. Why? Because like the foolish, little kids that we happen to be . . . we forgot to make a reservation for Saturday and every single alley was taken. So, after we arrived at the bowling center we decided to make reservations for Sunday.
After the reservations were made, we started searching for a pub and ended up in a London-themed pub. It was rather nice and cozy. 
Also, that day (I'm talking about Saturday) a really good friend of mine came for a visit, so the gang was almost complete. She left on Monday though, sad. 

Keeping it classy . . . with beer, coffee and lemonade? The coffee was good, the lemonade was pretty interesting and the beer, urrmm . . . I don't really like beer, so yeah. The green straw was really cute though.

My strawberry and chocolate lemonade. Like I said, it was interesting, but never again. 
After ordering our drinks we enjoyed a long chat. By long I mean approx. 2 hrs. We usually talk for hours, so there's no surprise in that. After that we finally decided it was time to go home. 

Thus, Sunday came. In other words it was BOWLING TIME! Why am I yelling?

 After arriving at the bowling center we noticed our number got smaller. Only 7 people. So we took one alley (out of the 2 we reserved) and started playing. It ended so fast, or so it seemed to me. Also, unlike what the above picture shows, we were on the same alley as last weekend. Lucky . . . or maybe not? 

Pretty colors. The green/lime one was so light it nearly slipped from my hand and when I threw it . . . it flew across the alley and it went into the gutter. I'm such a pro, yes. 

I'd say we did slightly better than last time. Or is it just me? But we're still new to this whole thing called bowling, so please don't judge. 
After bowling was over, we when to KFC to grab a bite. We spent 3 hrs there. Again, we really, really like to chat. And that was basically it for the weekend. 
On Monday, 2 of my friends went back home. It's so quiet without them, sad too. And by home I mean the cities they came from. And I make no sense, therefore I'm ending here. 

Also, the song. I really like this band. 


Thursday, February 27, 2014

That was interesting

Last weekend I went out with my friends. We're a crazy bunch, but we get along just well. So, on Sunday evening, after days of planning, we went to a bowling alley. Why bowling? Because it has been a big wish of ours since our first year in Uni. But we only managed to fulfill it after graduation. Cool, isn't it? Putting that aside, we went bowling for the first time in our petite and unfulfilled life. And it was interesting.
After arriving at the bowling alley we realized that neither one of us knew what to do. Therefore, our most socially active (extrovert) friend asked the guys next to us what to do and they (being such nice and friendly people) explained to her everything there was to it.
That being said, let's bowl!

It was easier said that done, though. Instead of naturally/normally using the bowling balls, most of us basically threw them across the alley, me included.
Lots of gutter from our behalf, but we did score some points. And every time someone scored, we clapped loudly and congratulated the lucky kitten. It made us feel a bit proud of ourselves.

For the sake of not being brutally murdered by my friends (I'm joking), I took out their names and left only mine. Look at our glorious score. We're that bad. But seeing how this was our first time bowling, I'd say we did pretty good. We played only one round, just for the fun of it. I want to go again, but with the entire gang. Last weekend we had a few people missing. 
After bowling, we went to a nice pub for some drinks. 

Out of the 8 of us, me and another friend decided not to drink. Mainly because we didn't want to spend more money. But I did get a sip of the other drinks and they were really tasty, except the black drink in the back. That's beer and I'm not really fond of beer, unless it has lemon juice in it (weird, aren't I?). After finishing the drinks, we all decided it was time to head back home. But after leaving the pub, we noticed it was a lot colder than when we arrived and it was also raining. At least we had a few umbrellas. 
We split up at the bus station and that was about it for the night. Like I said, I was interesting and fun. 

And the song.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A new start, maybe?

Warning: it's a tl;dr post

A new start is not something easy, it takes time, strength and devotion (and others as well, I'm sure). And I for one, lack 2 out of these 3. Now I'm not only referring to this blog, but to many other things as well. These things can be almost anything, searching for a new job, a different starting point in your life after a bad outcome and so on.

I am really not good at starting over since I get all excited in the beginning and after a short while I lose interest in almost everything. I am that type of person, yes. I don't like getting out of my comfort zone too often, I am a creature of habit, yes. Someone once told me that the key point in a new start is not giving up when things get tough, but it can be applied to several other things as well. This is true by all means, that I do not doubt, but I don't give up, I either hide or run away. Why? Because I often come hand in hand with stress and this one of those things that I just can't handle that well. If I'm stressed when doing a certain thing, I lose all my concentration and things take a completely different turn. This being the main reason why I regret a few things that happened in the past. Stress is also why I don't like it when people give me certain directions. I have my own pace so don't bother telling me to work at your pace. It's quite unlikely for me to do so.

Recently I've been trying to start anew, but I encounter lots and lots of bumps on the road and I'm really close to running away. Actually, I already ran away from it. It's pretty bad, I aware of that. But as bad as it might sound, I don't stray too far away, mostly because there are a few people in my life that keep me from drowning. And there's always music and food if anything else fails. Oh, and coffee as well (I'm still an addict, yes).

And now for the random song of the day at the end of the post


Tuesday, January 21, 2014


He . . . llo?

To start off, I plan on reopening my blog soon. Soon meaning I don't know exactly when. It might be this month or it might be next month, who knows. However, I am making this announcement because 5 full years passed since I joined this blogging site. Yey for me~ Right now I'm "celebrating" by eating coffee candies. I'm still addicted to coffee, yes. Also, at the end of every post I will leave the link to a random song. Starting with this post.

This being said, if there is anyone who is even in the slightest happy that I will come back, thank you.

See you soon, I hope.

- 린이-