Friday, March 14, 2014

Nothing interesting

And it's been more than a week since my last post. I'm bad at this thing, but I don't wanna give it up. 

I basically did nothing interesting this past week, partially because my soul has left my body. I'm joking . . . not really. I had some mood swings and got all lazy during the entire week. I did get out of the house a few times, but only out of necessity. I'm not a very active person, I know. I'd rather stay inside, where it's nice and cozy, instead of going out, where it's loud and full of people. Introvert alert! Or just a weird person. 
That's why sometimes instead of going out, I like to stay in and try outfits while I take some photos in the mirror. Crazy, aren't I? But it's my way to waste time, especially if I have too much time on my hands. 

I decided to try my roommate's dress on. But since I rarely, almost never wear dresses, I don't really know how to . . . wear it. By this I mean my posture. The other one is just a shirt with some shorts underneath, for protection (?).
On another note, my coffee addiction is most definitely not my only addiction. I also like to collect coffee mugs. It's a big plus if they're purple and/or have different coffee types written on them.

See what I mean? But this is not my entire collection, about 3 of them are at my parents' place. If my mom finds out I bought another one, she'll definitely not like it. But I can't resist their prettiness. And it's not like I actually need them, more like I love having them and drinking coffee from them. I am weird child. 

Since there's nothing more I'd like to add, see you next time (?)


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