Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bowling again

As the weekend just passed and the next one is closing in, I figured it was time to write the weekly post (blog entry?). Even if no one is interested in what I have to say, writing helps me clear my mind. 

We went bowling last weekend, again. But with a twist. Our plan was to go bowling on Saturday, but eventually we went bowling on Sunday. Why? Because like the foolish, little kids that we happen to be . . . we forgot to make a reservation for Saturday and every single alley was taken. So, after we arrived at the bowling center we decided to make reservations for Sunday.
After the reservations were made, we started searching for a pub and ended up in a London-themed pub. It was rather nice and cozy. 
Also, that day (I'm talking about Saturday) a really good friend of mine came for a visit, so the gang was almost complete. She left on Monday though, sad. 

Keeping it classy . . . with beer, coffee and lemonade? The coffee was good, the lemonade was pretty interesting and the beer, urrmm . . . I don't really like beer, so yeah. The green straw was really cute though.

My strawberry and chocolate lemonade. Like I said, it was interesting, but never again. 
After ordering our drinks we enjoyed a long chat. By long I mean approx. 2 hrs. We usually talk for hours, so there's no surprise in that. After that we finally decided it was time to go home. 

Thus, Sunday came. In other words it was BOWLING TIME! Why am I yelling?

 After arriving at the bowling center we noticed our number got smaller. Only 7 people. So we took one alley (out of the 2 we reserved) and started playing. It ended so fast, or so it seemed to me. Also, unlike what the above picture shows, we were on the same alley as last weekend. Lucky . . . or maybe not? 

Pretty colors. The green/lime one was so light it nearly slipped from my hand and when I threw it . . . it flew across the alley and it went into the gutter. I'm such a pro, yes. 

I'd say we did slightly better than last time. Or is it just me? But we're still new to this whole thing called bowling, so please don't judge. 
After bowling was over, we when to KFC to grab a bite. We spent 3 hrs there. Again, we really, really like to chat. And that was basically it for the weekend. 
On Monday, 2 of my friends went back home. It's so quiet without them, sad too. And by home I mean the cities they came from. And I make no sense, therefore I'm ending here. 

Also, the song. I really like this band. 


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